Please feel free to browse through our list of references and their contact information.

Kearns Improvement District:
Carl Erikson:(801)968-1011

Pleasant Grove City:
Lynn Walker:(801)785-1276

Salt Lake City Public Utilities:
Chuck Call: (801)483-6840

Jordan Valley Water Conserv. Dist.:
Jeff Hilbert:(801)565-4300

West Jordan City:
Roger Payne:(801)569-5078

South Jordan City:
Jeremy Nielson:(801)254-3742

Sandy City:
Tom Timmerman: (801)568-2963

South Salt Lake City:
Ed Ruffner:(801)412-3210

Taylorsville City:
John Taylor

Midvale City:
Keith Larsen:(801)554-3568

Springville City:
Daniel Andreason: (801)491-2780

Granger Hunter Improv. Dist.:
Brad Paxman:(801)968-3551

Weber Basin Water:
Matt Rasmussen:(801)771-1677

South Valley Sewer:
Mike Foerster:(801)571-1166

Granite Construction:
Scott Fernald:(801)526-6062

Jeff Peterson:(801)802-6800

Brent Lloyd:

Orem City:
Steven Perkins:(801)229-7335

Horrocks Engineers:
David Barlow:(801)763-5166

Gilson Engineering:
Larry Gilson:(801)571-9414

CRS Engineers:
Doug Cromar:

Hansen, Allen & Luce:
Marv Allen:(801)566-5599

Stantec Consultants:
Jacob Jensen:

Franson Noble Engineering:
Bruce Niveen:(801)756-0309

JUB Engineers:
Alan Taylor:

Ward Engineering:
Bryan Westover:(801)487-8040

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